A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Go to your neighbor’s house for dinner and end up in a glitchy nightmare !


Ahh yes ! You are now in your new residence in this famous quiet little neighborhood ! The setting is friendly and the neighbors looks nice. Moreover, one of them invites you to share a dinner with him in his residence in order to welcome you and, perhaps, begin a new friendly relationship. However, when you arrive at his home, you realize that something strange is wrong... Maybe yo!/@**## /!\Error 404/!\



My dear neighbor, edition 404 is a puzzle horror action game in FPS in which you are facing bugs that will threaten your player’s life. Your goal will be to find a way to defeat these bugs ! You will have to stay on your guard, and open your eyes wide in order not to miss any detail because this game contains many secrets...

You will also be led to make choices during the game, choices that will impact your own game ! Your destiny will be in your hands, it will be up to you to carry it out.

This demo also contains 21 achievements as well as a mini game to unlock in order to extend the game experience !

We wish you a pleasant gaming experience and do not forget to leave us your opinion about the game ! This will encourage us in the development of this game !




This game was made with the Unity Engine. We also use some tools such as Blender for animations and 3D modeling, Substance Painter and Designer for texturing as well as Audacity and FL Studio for the voice acting, the music production and the game's SFX. We also used Photoshop and PhotoFiltre to create some of the game’s textures. We've also used MakeHuman to create our new character : the Delta-H !


Initially we wanted to create this game within a week, the concept being a game on which we focused more on gameplay rather than graphics. We wanted to make a game in which the player would led to make choices and end up facing bugs and glitch leaving voluntarily. Finally we pushed the idea even further by creating an antagonist for the game as well as a story, which pushed us to take more time on development.

We had so many ideas that we had to pull some from the demo in order to make it less dense and keep some ideas for the full game. Since this game is an experimental game and we don’t know how you, as a player, were going to see it so we preferred to make a demo to see how the game would be welcomed. This will also give us time to collect ideas to improve the game and make the full game even more dense !

We still have a lot of ideas about the game like action figures to unlock (in the game as a collection), new environments that the player can explore, mini-games and easter egg, all as crazy as each other and much more ! We also collect the players ideas (mini-game idea for example) to improve the game ! If it seems interesting to us, we will integrate them by quoting the person who inspired us the mod idea in the game !

We clearly don’t know yet when the full game will be released but we can still update the demo if needed ! We thank you for playing our demo and don’t forget to leave us your reviews about the if you liked it! 



(C) 2017-2022 DAMAN Studios

My Dear Neighbor, edition 404 and all its contents are trademarks of DAMAN Studios All rights reserved.

Install instructions

Important : Make sure that there is no controller connected to your computer because the game is not compatible with a controller and may prevent you from moving around !


My Dear Neighbor, edition 404 v2.1.2 MAC OS.app.zip 430 MB
My Dear Neighbor, edition 404 v2.1.2.zip 424 MB

Development log


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enjoyed it

Good games

I was fascinated that the soundtrack could be downloaded, this game is the best, I could play it all day, it doesn't even look like a demo, it's very well done

it doesnt let me open the game on my MacBook :/ any help bcuz I really want to play?

download the Unarchiver and unzip the file with it!

Deleted 1 year ago

I enjoyed your gameplay, thank for this and for your review, it's motivating !

An update with brand new features and bug fixes should comes out really soon. Stay tuned so you can update it and unlock all the endings and stuff without trouble !

Deleted 1 year ago

Can you make the game compatible for iPad 

I didn't understood much what was going on but its still got me unsettled and scared me a little I like how the game looks as well. I played this in a random horror games. 


Could not even play the game, entered the home and instantly looked down and kept spinning/walking backwards on its own.

Sorry for this issue. To fix that just disconnect your controller from your computer, the game isn't compatible with controllers


What a great demo!

Great game! The randomness of the items or necessary locations was a nice touch to make each play feel unique. I enjoyed the fact that there were 2 different play styles depending on what option you chose with the antivirus software. I hate mannequins so this really spooked me!


Was a really scary game! I couldn't complete it due to a glitch (I think?) But the game was very well done! The randomness of the stuff that you get, the RNG car colours, really added to the game being more Matrix like. And even realised that the red and green USB sticks were different! The jump scares you did with the mannequins were the highlights, at least for me and you should definitely have more of those! Other than that,I had no idea what was happening towards the end as there was just so much movement of the walls and everything else, but that's just probably just me. Overall a great game! Good luck for your future! 


This game is just the right combination of scary, weird and WTF. I truly enjoyed playing it and I can't wait to figure out all the endings and puzzles.

I dont have start button to start


I really enjoyed your game! I love the use of the butterfly effect in video games because of how thought out they are. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get all the endings but I may give it a try again another time.


A very cool game, though I only have scratched the surface, As I pleasantly discovered that there are several endings to it! It was a really fun experience, and I look forward to see where you'll go with this promising game! Also, French man here as well! Bonjour, et bravo pour le jeu!

Me cague

muy bhien


Mac file doesn't open after download, also I'm assuming it's not meant to download to VLC...

yeah same with me man, i really wanna play this game aswell.

mac file wont work

This game is high quality stuff! It looks great, it sounds great, and plays even better! I haven’t yet found everything hidden in the demo, but I can’t wait to get my hands on the full release! Very well done! 



Man, I literally loved the remix you did on our music! Thanks for this amazing gameplay! 


thanks alot great game!!! i'll be playing more.


Pour les Francophones !

🇫🇷 :D


Pas mal le jeu j'attends la suite 😉


Merci beaucoup ! Elle arrive très prochainement :)

hello! Every time I try to extract the file for windows it says "The archive is either in unknown format or damaged.". What should I do?

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Hi ! Make sure you download the game correctly (the size of the compress file is about 183mo)

Also make sure you have an extraction software such as WinRAR Archiver or 7zip ! 

Let me know if these solutions worked for you

Same answer. It doesn't let me extract it.

What software do you use to try to extract the game?

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Pros and cons are down below) Check out mmy vid (the game is the 1st there):


1. The game is super fun! I love how entertaining the tasks are, how many achievements there are, funny dialogues and exteremely weird plot.

2. The game has replayability (a lot). So many different endings, I actually can't believe the game is only a demo.

3. Along with the above, the game has interesting boss-fights which are quite challenging but nor too much. 


1. Because there are so many endings, the player will replay the game a lot. In that case, it's becoming obnoxios listening to the same long monologues over and over again. I would propose adding a skip button for laptop's speech (you could make it funny: for example after the player skips, the laptop could say something like "That was rude. Now I am NOT going to tell you that you have 2 minutes to find a flshlight" and then the player can immediately go).

2. That thingy that enhances your speed is weird. It has no purpose and it's not even funny. It's just meh. Sorry, devs. Moreover, you can not really go anywhere because your mouse sensetivity also increases, so you just end up circling around and feeling sick. Maybe it would be nicer if the sensitivity would stay the same and only speed would increase.


The game deserves the best rating! 5/5. I still can't believe it's a demo and it's free! Very well done, keep it up!

Hope my feedback was useful!


Thanks A LOT for this really helpful and encouraging review ! I loved your gameplay ! Indeed we are still thinking about a way to be able to skip the dialogue scenes, I love your idea we will see what we can do. This special object which accelerates time have actually a purpose ! This tool helped us a lot during the development and is only intended to help the player save time during a specific quest ;) But we understand the confusion related to this particular object lol, we will try to make it "less weird" x) Anyway thank you very much for this review !


Great Game! I can tell you put a lot of effort into this and I think most would agree they get that feeling. I want to get more of the endings but I believe I got 3. I don't think any of them were a "good ending" but I had a great time playing lol. 

P.S The main theme song and the ambient music were fantastic!



The funny fact in the story is that this game is the fastest we have developed x) (2 months lol), you can have more info on the different endings by consulting the menu "Extra" then "Achievement" ;) Anyway thank you very much for this positive feedback and I'm glad that the music we have produced pleases you ! :D


I'm surprised lol and awesome i'll check that out! Thanks For Making This!! 


Think i got 2 more endings here? idk haha how many are there in total please?


Thanks for this new gameplay, it was great ! You got a new alternative ending (the fourth one) and an achievement for getting caught by the virus ;) There are a total of 4 alternative ends, one good alternative ending and a real good ending ! There are also 2 secret endings (you already got one of these two secret endings in your last video, the one where you have to look at the clock on the wall when it’s midnight ;) ) Take a look at the achievements in the extra menu, you can find more information about the endings on here ! Good luck for the rest :) 

Deleted 1 year ago

No problem :)

This was going to be my final game in 3 random games, but it was broken my screen was keep spinning in circles and I could not stop it, hope you fix it in the future! :D

Hey, sorry for the inconvenient, you have surely a controller connected to your pc, make sure to disconnect it from your pc! The game is not compatible with a controller :/


fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick

I've tried this one several times, but after several reinstalls, as soon as the game starts (after the invite), my charcter just looks at the ceiling and spins in circles, no matter what control inputs I use. 

(1 edit) (+1)

You must surely have a controller connected to your computer, disconnect it from your pc, the game is not compatible with the controllers. Let us know if this solves your problem! 


This game was very enjoyable I didn't play all the way through But it was still a great demo keep it up 😁

Thank you !


I thought this game was great! The concept is fantastic and really like the unique aspects (like the speed for 5 seconds XD). Creepy atmosphere as well. Liked that there are more endings, might come back to it! 

Thank you so much for this encouraging feedback and this fantastic gameplay ! Glad you liked it :) 


What an interesting game, great concept and really got me in this matrix like inception. The house reminds me of the house from Open House game, probably same house I reckon. I wonder what other types of endings there are as I got the one where I just leave and the other one where I leave the house after glitching.

Yes, unfortunately we used the same asset in order to save time on the development of the game but we will make sure that it changes with totally unique decors in future update ;), anyway thank you very much for this amazing gameplay :D


Great Game! At first I thought this game was gonna be a really simple horror game with obnoxious jumpscares, but surprisingly that's not what this experience was! In fact it was extremely creative with the fact that its all basically just a simulation. Really cool stuff, I'll be checking it out once the full game releases.

Thank you very much !





hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti


Hey I installed 7zip and it worked fine! Looking forward to the full game!

Glad you could finally install the game ! Thanks for your support :) 


This game's pretty damn cool. I had fun playing it. I found a few things and managed to get alternative ending 01. Gonna try some more and see what else i can find. Nice job!


Thanks a lot :), good luck for the rest ! 


What a great game! I love when games break the conventional pacing of the horror genre, and throw in a bunch of glitches and confusing events purposely. I tried to find multiple endings but couldn't figure it out, I will definitely be revisiting this game to find all the secrets and endings! I really enjoyed my time playing this, one of the more unique and captivating horror games I've played from itch.io!


Thank you for your feedback, it’s really encouraging ! Your gameplay and editing were also really good ! I recommend you to update the game if you want to replay it in order to better enjoy it because important improvements were made for the game :) Anyway thank you again for your support !


I found the game fun and had a blast just trying to get the extra stuff. I am honestly looking forward to the full game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

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Thanks for your support and this awesome gameplay ! (Btw I love your intro :D)

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